We design luxury.


Our service is oriented toward high-end quality and traditional craftsmanship. Both is unfortunately not a given anymore nowadays. Only a few craftsmen are really capable to fulfill these challenges.
Regarding interiors, there is hardly nothing we cannot make possible.

Individual consulting

Consulting personalized to the client through professional employees.

To understand the customer, his taste, his personality and his character, his lifestyle and procedures, to find out his needs and wishes, these are the basic requirements for a profound and optimal advice.

Planning und design concept

A precise planning is already half of the realization and is well known as for a lot of cost and time savings.

Basing on the understanding of customer's imaginations, planning is taken place - which is well known to be already half of realization, cost and time saving. Important are both, technical planning in form of drawings and operating plans for crafts and time schedules for efficient and faultless deliveries right up to a correct and proper handover.

By creating the design consept not only the choice of furniture, materials, colors and lights plays an important role, but also the construction of 2D and 3D views for a better imagination and prefabrication of samples to ensure the right execution and choice of colors.


Everything from one hand - we attune fabrics for furniture and curtains, wallpapers and accessoires to your interior equipment.

Wall - papering, stucco, painting

The ways to design walls are so numerous and at the same time offer such a simple way for restyling! We offer you a large selection of wallpapers made of paper and textile, wall coverings, wall decorations with elements such as stucco, wood, synthetic resin and a range of colors, which you may be customize up to the smallest nuance of your needs. For the careful and correct implementation, excellent craftsmen are on hand.


Who wouldn’t love to have a beautiful laid floor? But skilled workers are not easy to find? Our floor layers are professionally trained and perform installation with precision. Additionally they have the nowadays almost forgotten thorough knowledge about the proper laying method and material treatment of wood, stone, tiles, marble, etc. and provide the proverbial "basis" for your sense of wellbeing.

The furniture as artwork

Same like for cooking also applies for constructing a piece of furniture: only the quality of all components result in a high-quality furniture. The ingredients like slow-grown wood from environmentally sustainable extraction, gentle processing by hand, completion through traditional crafts knowledge, combined with love for detail give birth to a unique piece of furniture, which will accompany generations.

Furniture upholstery

We work with a few hand-picked and qualified upholsterers, fitting your furniture with the fabric, which you would like to have! Whether you have a gently used or a new furniture, each is treated with care, in case on seat, inside the construction and on the surface restored and covered in a new “dress” in every detail.

To add there is a variety of borders, decorative nails, trims, fringe, etc., which means not only to have a "facelift" for your furniture, but also to create a real piece of jewelry.